Buying a Portable Generator for RV Camping

Whilst today’s cool RVstuff are mostly equipped with all the perks that we can enjoy at our own dwelling place, at times we wish to make use of all the things that we have got even when we are away for a wonderful vacation or camping. When it comes to this kind of situation, a generator is a must-have. We often hear about generators and perhaps some of us already own them, but the truth is that we usually do not have in-depth insight regarding what appropriate model to purchase- a portable generator or the one that is RV full-size type?

Buying a Portable Generator for RV Camping

More than that, a great number of experienced campers have mastered the tough approach that the RV class generator is the sole way to opt for. For a fact, the fundamental reasons are that these come with roughly three times the HP and operate at approximately 1800 rpm- as you see this is regarded as a lot more effortless to muffle. They are also designed with electric start and are constructed for several hours of simultaneous use.

However, if you think that you could not afford an RV class generator as of the moment, you can go for a portable generator as this is highly regarded as a viable alternative. Take in mind that picking the proper size portable RV generator may be a bit complex to determine since size does a very vital role when it comes to having adequate amount of electricity to perform the project. You prefer a generator that comes with superior enough wattage to perform the job, but not so big that it is extremely loud or requires high amount of fuel.

What makes it practical to purchase a portable generator to ensure a fun-filled and exciting experience for your RV Camping?

Needless to say, a handy generator could greatly help save a lot of hardships during power outage; however, this is also very advantageous when you go on camping or if you need to spend time in a construction site. Indeed, this can provide you the electricity you seriously require in order to power up or operate whatever is most valuable anywhere it is necessary.

How to pick the right model of portable generator for your needs?

Buying a generator is not a type of option that must not be taken seriously. This is definitely practical and economical, but the reality is that there are also some risks to sort out. There are substantial considerations when buying one and these comprise of the brand of the generator as well as the source of fuel used.

Here are two major considerations you need to carefully contemplate on:

  • Select the fuel

Please be guided that a generator might pose fatal health issues particularly if this is used incorrectly. The primary risk is referred to as carbon monoxide poisoning. It is worth noting that the source of fuel can highly make a huge difference when it comes to safety of the equipment.

  • Select the brand

Over and above, the choice of brand is actually a matter of the consumer’s personal preference although diverse brands come with distinct reputations for quality. Interestingly, there are a number of brands that solely manufacture generators; on the other hand, other manufacturers provide a broad array of products.

Here are other considerations that you should not overlook when shopping for a portable generator:

  • Figure out your wattage requirements. See to it to identify the amount of power you require for the stuff you mostly care about.
  • Thoroughly think about the services and items that are included. Determine if the generator is offered with maintenance package or warranty. Carefully examine the funnel, wheels, oil and power cord. Learn more about the cost for setting it up if it will be installed by qualified technicians. Also check out if other accessories such as transfer switch, cover for protection from various elements are necessary or already included once the item is purchased.
  • Of course, it makes sense to ensure that the model of portable generator that you’re eyeing to buy is affordable enough for the budget you set. Note that the prices of such equipment fall across a broad array which simply implies that figuring out the amount you would be willing to spend for this item is pivotal.
  • Thoroughly examine the special features. It is critical to understand that generators are often times manufactured with a wide range of features that can make its use a lot more effortless, convenient and safer for users. So, be sure to master more about what to search for when choosing the most appropriate set of features for your requirements.

When it comes to generator safety, it is highly recommended to make it a habit to go over the manual and instructions discreetly. Be certain to strictly adhere to the warnings and instructions in order to safely start and operate the equipment.

Choosing a Tankless Water Heater for Your RV

Many of us prefer showering with hot water particularly during the coldest season and the same goes whenever we go on camping. Since this is going to be a very useful equipment, it is just right for us to think through the diverse models, their benefits and important features so that we can be assured that we spend on a worthwhile item and of course to get what we pay for.

Choosing a Tankless Water Heater for Your RV

In addition, take in mind that if you use your cool RV stuff long enough, then the day will perhaps come when you finally decide to upgrade or replace your water heater. It is worth noting that this may be that your present water heater is no longer functioning well, went bad, cracked or expanded or probably the tank already froze mainly because it was not winterized appropriately or perhaps you just prefer to purchase a bigger, newer and more functional model. In truth, whatever your reason is, it is great to learn more about what kinds of water heaters are available on the market especially when it is already high time for you to replace yours.

What should you take into consideration when you need to select a tankless water heater for your cool RV stuff? Tankless Water Heater Hub is a great source with all the information you need in order to choose the best tankless water heater unit.

Check out some of the upsides and downsides of tankless water heaters prior you decide if this is the right choice for you and your family’s need.

  • You need to set aside some amount of money if you decide to buy your tankless water heater since these are a bit overpriced as compared to regular water heaters.
  • They commonly use less fossil fuel than a regular RV water heater which ignites and could keep six by up to ten gallons of water piping hot – take note that this is whether you utilize or not.
  • These are great option for campers who prefer going out for the weekend and wish to be able to wash their dishes with ease just like when they’re at home. Be that as it may, for families who want to stay in a resort for a longer period of time with their children, this equipment might not be deemed as the most helpful equipment to have with you in that situation.
  • Tankless water heaters are 99% reliable, capable of providing fresh and clean hot water, you don’t need to worry about scalding injuries as they are certified risk-free to use and best of all there is no need for you to worry about tank leaking issues.
  • They can be powered with the use of propane or natural gas and also electric. What is more, these could provide how water whenever you most require it even simultaneously for a number of applications.
  • Such models are very durable that can last for more or less twenty years. Consumers can actually save by up to fifty percent of heating and energy costs. They come with very flexible installation options which simply convey that you can possibly set them up outside or inside.
  • Please be guided that tankless water heaters require upgrades such as gas line or venting system which are definitely pricey.  More than that, they highly depend on the pressure that’s delivered to your home which is why it is very critical to have an excellent plumbing system. They also require a minimum flow rate in order to exceptionally activate the heat exchanger.

When looking for on-demand residential or instant tankless water heaters; the following are what you should take in mind:

It is crucial to understand that heating process and the tankless system is quite distinct from systems that are tank-type. In point of fact, they are highly efficient and their condensing products can certainly be advantageous. They can help you to significantly save more money and reduce the consumption of energy.

In the same way, they are wise to invest in because they come in compact and small design. They are designed with condensing technology and parts that are easily replaceable- so you are guaranteed of great savings.

It is worth mentioning that the size of the unit you require mainly hinges on your demand, the size of the family as well as how big your house is. Nowadays, there are a few manufactures that offer set-up which is considered as multi-system- this simply means that they could connect several units in a single system in order to meet the high demand of bigger families and larger houses.

How do tankless water heaters work?

There are more complex models as compared to regular types. Due to this, it is imperative that you are well-aware of what is required prior attempting to service or install them. Take into account that this is particularly true when dealing with units that are powered by gas.

A Reminder

Make sure to go over the guides provided above prior you decide to purchase your own tankless water heater. Note that this is a serious investment to consider as they can cost a fortune.

Another appliance that we recommend getting for your RV, is a water softener as it will protect your appliances, plumbing and your skin.

Ways to Improve your RV Air Quality

When you want to escape the noisy life in the city and take a road trip to a peaceful place, what do you think of? To most people, it is their RV. The RV is a vehicle that could help you take your family to watch the stars quietly in a place with fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, different factors can make the air quality in the RV stale, especially excessive moisture or condensation coming from the windows and mattresses. Fortunately, you can do something about the air quality with the following tips.

choosing an air purifier

  1. Open the Windows

    Moisture develops where there is no room for it to escape. Open all windows in the RV therefore, and run your AC for better moisture removal. An AC also helps removes any pollutants that could dissolve into the moisture and potentially make your sick. In addition, take out your moisture absorber and hang it in the most vulnerable areas like the kitchen and bathroom. This will help eliminate mildew and molds from all parts of the RV.

  2. Invest in RV Cleaning Tools

    Whether you are staying alone in the RV or you have your family with you, clean it from time to time. When with pets that keeps dropping fur around especially, invest in a good vacuum cleaner. An air purifier might also boost your efforts galore by eliminating the fur and excessive dirt that may affect your health. Again, invest in a cheap anti-moisture layer. A good anti-moisture tool can make a big difference in the air quality found in the RV. Note however that the tools you decide to invest in should be guided by the pollutants that most affect the air quality in your RV. You can for example forego an air purifier if you don’t have pets or pollutants that contaminate the air a lot.

  3. Smoke during Pit Stops

    Avoid smoking in your RV as much as possible. It might feel difficult especially if you are alone inside the vehicle, but avoiding cigarettes till your reach pit stops can improve air quality a lot. One way to make things possible is to dedicate more time for pit stops. Alternatively, you can consider carrying an e-cigarette whenever driving your RV. In the end, you will have protected everyone else in the RV and all the garments that could be stained by tar from your cigarettes.

  4. Avoid Cleaning the RV’s Interior with Chemical Solutions

    While investing in RV cleaning tools is important, don’t pick cleaning chemicals. Some cleaning solutions can advertently pollute the air inside your RV. And while they may have scents, they are not always effective like air fresheners. Due to this, invest in a vacuum cleaner and other natural cleaning products that lack harmful chemicals in them.

  5. Invest in RV Plants

    Plants improve air quality irrespective of where placed. In the RV, a good home plant can add the scent and freshen your RV in a way you could never imagine of. Again, plants just add the home feeling that brightens your mood. However, always remember to take them out of the RV after the road trip, so that you are able to take care of them accordingly.

  6. Invest in a Refrigerator Fan

    Food spoilage happens way faster in the RV refrigerators because of their lack of fans. But with a good fan, your food cools down faster and stays fresh for longer. And due to this, your food also gets to maintain its attractive aroma and delicious taste

  7. Buy an Exhaust Fan

    RV kitchen exhaust fan help eliminate pollutants. And when connected properly, this exhaust fan can also eliminate bad smells that could otherwise make your kitchen feel stuffy and stale. But since pollutants aren’t found in the kitchen alone, consider buying an ionizer. Settle for an easy to charge, Ozone free ionizer that can trap dirt, bacteria and eliminate unpleasant smells from other parts of the RV.

  8. Replace Fabric Upholstery

    Fabric upholstery tends to trap dirt, liquids and almost every other contaminant that pollutes air in an RV. In addition, they are harder to clean when compared to leather or vinyl seats.  But if you are already used to the fabric garments and upholstery in the RV, you don’t have to replace them. Instead, just promote a high sense of sanitation, especially with the carpet and seats. With carpets especially, clean them properly with a vacuum cleaner. You can also consider replacing carpets with accent rugs. That way you will have less dirt and few allergens to deal with.

  9. Clean Garments and Pets Often

    Garments, shoes and pets contribute to the quality of air you have in your RV. If you get inside with smells socks for instance, the air gets spoiled. Similarly, a dirty pet will lower the air quality inside the RV. You clean it before your trip or at least once every day until you are back from your trip.

Why You Need a Steam Cleaner for Your RV?

Essentially, it is very vital to keep the living area of your recreational vehicle to be properly sanitized and clean for overall comfort and to ensure wellness as well. This way, you are given the opportunity to help your coach be capable of retaining some of its value. Cool RV stuff travel comes with a number of perks and it cannot be denied that whilst it is true that this is a certified great deal of excitement and fun-filled experience it can also be quite dirty. Take in mind that unless you consider taking steps in maintaining your coach properly, then more likely you will end up living in a smelly, unsanitary and filthy environment.

Why a steam cleaner is regarded as a very valuable tool for your cool RV stuff?

why you need an rv steam cleaner

It is possible to eliminate or get rid of mildew, dust or rust with a little not costly products and elbow grease- you can surely improve the quality of internal air. In reality, dirt is something that we cannot just simply overlook and not do something about. For that reason, there are specific chores that we need to do regularly if we seriously wish to avoid issues and discomfort at home.

Your RV definitely plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness at your place. This is one of the reasons why it is deemed important to ensure that it is also cleaned properly to boost its functionality and effectiveness. Needless to say, when spills need to be gotten rid of or when dust and dirt from the outdoors find their way within your RV, of course, you prefer these chores to be easy, quick and effective.

In actuality, the inside part of an RV takes considerable amount of abuse. Start thinking through the many activities you do on a daily basis and during a camping trip and what you always do inside of it. Some of these activities consist of walking around with shoes on, bathing, cooking, sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom. Surely, you highly regard your RV as your home while away from home- this is enough reason for you to be awakened of the fact how greasy, sandy and filthy it could be and how dust, grime and dirt buildup can ruin it.

Furthermore, you cannot ignore the importance of deep cleaning your RV – this is assuredly a very fundamental step that you must take in order to shield your costly investment and keep it looking at its best. It is worth mentioning that a proper deep cleaning prior and after storage is especially required- as is prior and after a long trip or short camping trip. It is helpful to search for some techniques, tips and tricks on how to properly tidy the interior of your RV so that you can use it for many years to come!

Can steam cleaner greatly help in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness in your RV?

Definitely yes! When getting rid of unwanted grime, dust and dirt inside your RV, it is advantageous to search for products which could serve more than a single purpose and those that come in compact size. This can be applied when purchasing a steam cleaner that can act as your partner when cleaning your most cherished RV. Apart from these, there are natural cleaning products that do not have any chemical formula and could often be utilized on a variety of surfaces. This way, there is no need for you to be anxious about causing damage to your environment and to your RV of course!

Why should you consider a steam cleaner when tidying your RV?

In truth, steam is highly recognized as one of the most environmentally-friendly and efficient cleaning alternative to conventional approaches comprising of the use of detergents, buckets and mops. Likewise, steam cleaning concentrates on tidying for simple appearances and also more on additional health benefits. This is a fast method and is rapidly becoming the more preferred way to keep your home, the workplace or your RV free of dirt, grease, dust and other sorts of bacteria.

What are the primary perks of steam cleaning your RV?

It is interesting to note that hot steam vapor easily and effectively penetrates the pores of the surfaces or materials that need to be tidied, and it is also capable of tidying more discreetly as compared to regular cleaning products and does so without the use of harmful chemicals. As you can see, this lack of chemicals utilized in the tidying process is a great advantage to those who are allergic to chemicals or those who prefer to lessen the level of toxicity in their dwelling places or business place particularly if children and elders are present.

Over and above, it is highly advised to search for the most functional and multipurpose steam cleaners prior purchasing yours. Be sure to be fully aware of your requirements. For more information, we recommend you to check out the Top Steam Cleaners site. There they have reviews and guide of the best steam cleaners as for this year.

What is the Best Portable Air Compressor for RVs?

Are you currently struggling when it comes to maintaining the appropriate air pressure in your cool RV stuff tires? It is imperative to understand that no matter what kind of RV you own, whether it’s travel trailer, class A, B or C, a pop-up camper or 5th wheel- all these have one thing in common and that is none other than “tires.” Keep in mind that for you to stay safe on the road while traveling, as an RVer, it is crucial for you to be watchful when it comes to your tire’s age, pressure, care as well as overall condition.

Best Portable Air Compressor for RVs

In addition, take into consideration that the air pressure needs to examined and fine-tuned while the tires are cold – note that this must be done prior they are driven. Please be reminded that it is not often helpful to add air to your tires at a tire shop or gasoline station unless you spend overnight in the parking lot.

It is worthy of note that most RVers must have a deeper grasp of the significance of maintaining the suitable tire inflation pressure. In point of fact, the most typical issue is if you try to delay checking your tires till the period you are already on the road and you just decide right there to check tire pressure, then the tires are then too sultry for appropriate evaluation. Examining the inflation pressure at the time you pause for a while to refuel is also not sensible; keep in mind that you shall obtain greater pressure readings and if you allow air to simply go out the tires, and then they will be underinflated as they are already cold. Additionally, another issue here is when you’re at the campsite and you wish to examine the tire pressure and too bad for you to discover that there is no longer sufficient amount of air support to conduct it.

Exploring more about the best portable air compressor for RVs:

The bottom line here is that you should consider buying an easy to carry air compressor for your cool RV stuff which you could also take along on adventurous and fun-filled RV trips. Take note that the issue is air compressors can be perplexing to understand particularly if you’re attempting to unveil the one that considered powerful enough in terms of maximizing the inflation pressure in huge motor home tires. Due to this, it is pivotal to start learning more about the fundamentals of air compressors.

It is important to know that air compressors come with three primary ratings that are linked with them: CFM which refers to cubic feet per min, HP which pertains to horsepower and PSI which means pounds per square inch. It is highly advised to have deeper grasp of these three principal capacities of an air compressor as these can considerably assist you in choosing the suitable portable air compressor for your RV’s specifications or requirements.

Portable Air Compressor Buying Guide

Bear in mind that searching for middle ground between value and maximum performance is substantial towards being satisfied with your investment. The first thing that you must remember here is that when setting out to purchase an air compressor even though these are regarded as extensively simple type of machines, there are a number of diverse types to pick from. Assuredly, you wouldn’t want to purchase an air compressor that will not be even capable of achieving the projects you aim to utilize it for, and on one hand you absolutely do not wish to spend your hard-earned money on a type of equipment that goes way overboard on the kind of performance you will ever require.

Over and above, the kind of portable air compressor that you will require is hinged on what you intend to utilize it for. You should take into account if this is going to be for light and personal use only, for moderate or professional use or if it is aimed at moderate or professional use. Be sure to be very insightful of these when you have already decided to purchase your own portable air compressor. In so doing, you are guaranteed that the one you invested in is the right purchase and right option for your purpose.

On the other hand, when it comes to inflators, you must know that these play very vital role in terms of keeping the tire pressure of your RV at optimal levels. In like manner, this help enhance your gas mileage which only proves to say that it could save you some cash and frequent trips to gasoline station air pumps. Obediently, it makes sense to have an inflator that is always ready for use and stored in your garage or trunk. After all, it is nonsensical, time-consuming and annoying to routinely go to gasoline station air pumps.

To boot, inflators are not so overpriced, easy to transport and can deal well with light work such as bike tires, sports balls and even vehicle tires if you do not really mind taking some time to reach the appropriate pressure.

Choosing a Portable Water Softener for RV Camping

Most homes in the U.S. use hard water. Few states actually source their water from fresh water catchment areas. Fortunately, you can easily install a faucet that filters out minerals or boil the hard water to make it safe for home drinking. When you are heading out for RV camping, however, you can’t always be guaranteed that you will get clean soft water. You need a water softener to remove the excess minerals from your water. But how do you know which softener to buy? Read below to learn more.

You probably know that hard water is bad for your RV’s plumbing, it’s not good for your water heater. It is also not good for your teeth which is why you should buy an RV water softener with the same keenness as any other product that helps protect the health of your family.

Why an RV Water Softener is Important

why you need a portable water softener in your rv

  • Scale build-up-The biggest reason you should buy an RV water softener is for economic benefits. Hard water has a tendency to build-up scale on the insides of your RV’s plumbing-which blocks them and causes malfunctioning too soon.
  • To improve water quality-In some ways, hard water is bad for your skin and teeth. Some get irritations when they bathe using hard water. And if you don’t; simply know that your risk having your teeth discolored by Fluorine; one of the minerals found in hard water.
  • To improve water taste-Water filled with minerals is not all that tasty. Again, hard water has an effect on other drinks you make using the water.

Size of your Camping Group

Water softeners are designed to handle a specific amount of water. They will also work differently depending on the water flow rate in your faucets. Have these figures in mind before you can select any single water softener. Determine the amount of water your group will use at the camp and then select a softener that can handle that amount. Note that the average person uses 80 gallons of water per day. If you are five people in a three day camp, that should amount to 1200 gallons of water. Settle for a water softener that can handle 12,000 gallons of water.

Grain Capacity

Basically, a water softener softens water by replacing hard water minerals like magnesium with sodium. A good softener is one that eliminates as many magnesium and calcium ions as to make your water safe. Check the water hardness’s rating to know how much grains of hard water minerals it can eliminate. In most municipalities, this is measured in terms of grains per gallon or parts per million. The typical water softeners remove minerals in moderately hard water or in hard water with a GPG of 7-11. However, do a research to predetermine the water hardness level of the area you wish to visit. If you are travelling places with very hard water, buy a softener that can eliminate 11 GPG or higher.

Exchange Resin

Buy a softener with a premium exchange resin. However, the resin’s exchange color does not reflect in quality.


A typical RV water softener weighs 18-30 lbs. However, don’t fear a heavier softener if it can come with important accessories. A good accessory here might be an inlet control feature that eases regeneration. If you plan to use the softener away from your RV- a carrying handle or a transportation handle will help you carry it easily.

Regeneration Access

Buy a softener with a large mouth to make it easy to add salt.

Why you need a Good RV Water Softener

Drinking clean healthy water should never be an option. You deserve to drink clean water at all times even when you are in an area affected by hard water. Having the right RV water softener therefore protects you from drinking too much of fluoride and other minerals that could discolor your teeth. It helps you avoid drinking tasty water or get dry skin. Additionally, a water softener is good for your RV. It protects the RV’s plumb lines by preventing corrosion and the buildup of scale. In the long run, a water softener is an economical tool-and can save you thousands of dollars from issues caused by using hard water.

If you’re searching for the best portable water softener, we recommend checking out the Soft Water Lab site. They have comparisons and reviews of top products on the market which we think is very helpful in finding the best quality product.