Choosing a Portable Water Softener for RV Camping

Most homes in the U.S. use hard water. Few states actually source their water from fresh water catchment areas. Fortunately, you can easily install a faucet that filters out minerals or boil the hard water to make it safe for home drinking. When you are heading out for RV camping, however, you can’t always be guaranteed that you will get clean soft water. You need a water softener to remove the excess minerals from your water. But how do you know which softener to buy? Read below to learn more.

You probably know that hard water is bad for your RV’s plumbing, it’s not good for your water heater. It is also not good for your teeth which is why you should buy an RV water softener with the same keenness as any other product that helps protect the health of your family.

Why an RV Water Softener is Important

why you need a portable water softener in your rv

  • Scale build-up-The biggest reason you should buy an RV water softener is for economic benefits. Hard water has a tendency to build-up scale on the insides of your RV’s plumbing-which blocks them and causes malfunctioning too soon.
  • To improve water quality-In some ways, hard water is bad for your skin and teeth. Some get irritations when they bathe using hard water. And if you don’t; simply know that your risk having your teeth discolored by Fluorine; one of the minerals found in hard water.
  • To improve water taste-Water filled with minerals is not all that tasty. Again, hard water has an effect on other drinks you make using the water.

Size of your Camping Group

Water softeners are designed to handle a specific amount of water. They will also work differently depending on the water flow rate in your faucets. Have these figures in mind before you can select any single water softener. Determine the amount of water your group will use at the camp and then select a softener that can handle that amount. Note that the average person uses 80 gallons of water per day. If you are five people in a three day camp, that should amount to 1200 gallons of water. Settle for a water softener that can handle 12,000 gallons of water.

Grain Capacity

Basically, a water softener softens water by replacing hard water minerals like magnesium with sodium. A good softener is one that eliminates as many magnesium and calcium ions as to make your water safe. Check the water hardness’s rating to know how much grains of hard water minerals it can eliminate. In most municipalities, this is measured in terms of grains per gallon or parts per million. The typical water softeners remove minerals in moderately hard water or in hard water with a GPG of 7-11. However, do a research to predetermine the water hardness level of the area you wish to visit. If you are travelling places with very hard water, buy a softener that can eliminate 11 GPG or higher.

Exchange Resin

Buy a softener with a premium exchange resin. However, the resin’s exchange color does not reflect in quality.


A typical RV water softener weighs 18-30 lbs. However, don’t fear a heavier softener if it can come with important accessories. A good accessory here might be an inlet control feature that eases regeneration. If you plan to use the softener away from your RV- a carrying handle or a transportation handle will help you carry it easily.

Regeneration Access

Buy a softener with a large mouth to make it easy to add salt.

Why you need a Good RV Water Softener

Drinking clean healthy water should never be an option. You deserve to drink clean water at all times even when you are in an area affected by hard water. Having the right RV water softener therefore protects you from drinking too much of fluoride and other minerals that could discolor your teeth. It helps you avoid drinking tasty water or get dry skin. Additionally, a water softener is good for your RV. It protects the RV’s plumb lines by preventing corrosion and the buildup of scale. In the long run, a water softener is an economical tool-and can save you thousands of dollars from issues caused by using hard water.

If you’re searching for the best portable water softener, we recommend checking out the Soft Water Lab site. They have comparisons and reviews of top products on the market which we think is very helpful in finding the best quality product.

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