Ways to Improve your RV Air Quality

When you want to escape the noisy life in the city and take a road trip to a peaceful place, what do you think of? To most people, it is their RV. The RV is a vehicle that could help you take your family to watch the stars quietly in a place with fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, different factors can make the air quality in the RV stale, especially excessive moisture or condensation coming from the windows and mattresses. Fortunately, you can do something about the air quality with the following tips.

choosing an air purifier

  1. Open the Windows

    Moisture develops where there is no room for it to escape. Open all windows in the RV therefore, and run your AC for better moisture removal. An AC also helps removes any pollutants that could dissolve into the moisture and potentially make your sick. In addition, take out your moisture absorber and hang it in the most vulnerable areas like the kitchen and bathroom. This will help eliminate mildew and molds from all parts of the RV.

  2. Invest in RV Cleaning Tools

    Whether you are staying alone in the RV or you have your family with you, clean it from time to time. When with pets that keeps dropping fur around especially, invest in a good vacuum cleaner. An air purifier might also boost your efforts galore by eliminating the fur and excessive dirt that may affect your health. Again, invest in a cheap anti-moisture layer. A good anti-moisture tool can make a big difference in the air quality found in the RV. Note however that the tools you decide to invest in should be guided by the pollutants that most affect the air quality in your RV. You can for example forego an air purifier if you don’t have pets or pollutants that contaminate the air a lot.

  3. Smoke during Pit Stops

    Avoid smoking in your RV as much as possible. It might feel difficult especially if you are alone inside the vehicle, but avoiding cigarettes till your reach pit stops can improve air quality a lot. One way to make things possible is to dedicate more time for pit stops. Alternatively, you can consider carrying an e-cigarette whenever driving your RV. In the end, you will have protected everyone else in the RV and all the garments that could be stained by tar from your cigarettes.

  4. Avoid Cleaning the RV’s Interior with Chemical Solutions

    While investing in RV cleaning tools is important, don’t pick cleaning chemicals. Some cleaning solutions can advertently pollute the air inside your RV. And while they may have scents, they are not always effective like air fresheners. Due to this, invest in a vacuum cleaner and other natural cleaning products that lack harmful chemicals in them.

  5. Invest in RV Plants

    Plants improve air quality irrespective of where placed. In the RV, a good home plant can add the scent and freshen your RV in a way you could never imagine of. Again, plants just add the home feeling that brightens your mood. However, always remember to take them out of the RV after the road trip, so that you are able to take care of them accordingly.

  6. Invest in a Refrigerator Fan

    Food spoilage happens way faster in the RV refrigerators because of their lack of fans. But with a good fan, your food cools down faster and stays fresh for longer. And due to this, your food also gets to maintain its attractive aroma and delicious taste

  7. Buy an Exhaust Fan

    RV kitchen exhaust fan help eliminate pollutants. And when connected properly, this exhaust fan can also eliminate bad smells that could otherwise make your kitchen feel stuffy and stale. But since pollutants aren’t found in the kitchen alone, consider buying an ionizer. Settle for an easy to charge, Ozone free ionizer that can trap dirt, bacteria and eliminate unpleasant smells from other parts of the RV.

  8. Replace Fabric Upholstery

    Fabric upholstery tends to trap dirt, liquids and almost every other contaminant that pollutes air in an RV. In addition, they are harder to clean when compared to leather or vinyl seats.  But if you are already used to the fabric garments and upholstery in the RV, you don’t have to replace them. Instead, just promote a high sense of sanitation, especially with the carpet and seats. With carpets especially, clean them properly with a vacuum cleaner. You can also consider replacing carpets with accent rugs. That way you will have less dirt and few allergens to deal with.

  9. Clean Garments and Pets Often

    Garments, shoes and pets contribute to the quality of air you have in your RV. If you get inside with smells socks for instance, the air gets spoiled. Similarly, a dirty pet will lower the air quality inside the RV. You clean it before your trip or at least once every day until you are back from your trip.

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